Long yellow legs and knobbed head distinguish this lanky black and white goose; broad wings with pronounced black fingertips; white underparts and underwings, large black tail. Immature: smuttier, crown rounded.


Diurnal, With the onset of the wet season geese spread across the Top End flood Plains, separating into pairs and threes to make nest platforms in the swamp grasses. Males often mate with two females, both females lay in the same nest and all three birds help incubate the eggs.


Wetlands Grassland, Widespread throughout the northern floodplains of the NT. Inland waters and fringing forests.


Appears to have contracted to tropical regions from a wider distribution in Australia. * A major issue in goose reduction is indiscriminate shooting (overkill) and subsequent lead-poisoning.


November December January February, depending on water levels and seasonal conditions. 5 - 9 cream eggs in a nest of swamp grass, Incubation for about 24 days by both sexes. Young fly after 77 days.


Kakadu National Park


Herbivore, Swamp Vegetation and grasses.


Common Name: Magpie Goose, Pied Goose Scientific Name: Anseranas semipalmata
Sub Order: Unavailable Order: Unavailable
Class: Aves Category: Common
Status: Least Concern Size: Male 750-920

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