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Cane Toad poison

The paratoid glands on the shoulder area of the Cane Toad Bufo marinus contain a number of alkaloid poisons. These poisons can be lethal to animals that attempt to eat toads. The tadpoles are also poisonous. The young metamorphs do not develop as much poison until they are about 30mm in length. At smaller sizes they can kill reptiles like frill neck lizards but many birds can eat them.

Author: Ian Morris, Graeme Sawyer. 02-Nov-2001
Last Updated: 27-Jan-2006
Category: Cane Toad » Toxicity


  • Has anyone heard of evidence of Freshwater crocodiles eating toads without problems?
    Submitted by Graeme Sawyer on 30-Jan-2004
  • There is good information on the web about toad Toxin Web Article Toad venom
    Submitted by Graeme Sawyer on 02-Apr-2006